About us
About us

     The "Project" company operates in the Azerbaijani market since 1997, owns a network of outdoor advertising structures. "Project" has a large number of its own advertising structures on the streets of Baku, as well as in other cities of Azerbaijan.

     Outdoor advertising is a primary direction of our work. At “Project” you can choose absolutely any advertising construction, while getting the best price offer.

     In addition to our main activity, we are engaged in marketing research, media advertising, advertising on transport vehicles, interior advertising, and other forms of advertising.

     The basic principle of our work - a comprehensive customer service of all levels based on the analysis of their needs and capabilities, and the subsequent development of the most appropriate advertising tools and promotion channels for products and services.

 Our services:

  • Outdoor advertising
  • Marketing research
  • Cross-street banners
  • Advertising at bus stops
  • Advertising on newsstands
  • Advertising in shopping centers and their car-parks
  • Advertising in pedestrian underpasses and overpasses
  • Advertising in underground parking
  • Advertising on TV
  • Advertisement on FM radio
  • Internet advertising
  • Advertising in print media
  • Advertisement in subway
  • Transport vehicles branding (Wrap advertising)
  • Polygraphy
  • Exhibition stands and signage
  • Illuminated letters
  • Roof installations
  • Wallscape
  • Advertising shopcases
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